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AV Security, our team of qualified and trained installers offer a wide range of systems to suit your home or business. Businesses and indeed homes suffer huge losses each year, due to break ins and theft. More and more people are using CCTV as a way to prevent and deter robberies. CCTV allows you to protect your assets.

CCTV is an extremely affordable way to keep tabs on your business. Many smaller businesses or homes are targeted because thieves do not think they invest in security. CCTV acts as a deterrent and lets them know you are tight on security. We can also integrate your CCTV with your automatic gates and access control.

Our CCTV service includes:

On Site Survey

We can provide our clients with a free on site survey. We can find any weak points and the best places to position cameras.


Once we have established the area we are covering, we can design a system that will suit you. If you need a security area with monitors, we can set this up. We can also set up your system so you can access it remotely.


Our qualified team will install your system, ensuring that all areas are well covered. We ensure that all cameras are hooked up correctly and feeding through on a monitoring system. We then provide you with a demonstration so that you fully understand the CCTV system.


It is important to get your CCTV serviced regularly to ensure that all cameras, cables, monitors etc. are working correctly. Keeping your Closed Circuit Television well maintained helps to prevent failure further down the line.


You might find that your system gets damaged over time. We can supply all parts needed to repair your CCTV and get it back up and running as soon as possible.


If you already have a system, but you need an upgrade, we are here to help. We will call out to your home or business and carry out a check. Once we have established your current system, we will know what upgrades are possible.


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